Facebook pixel not working correctly

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I have installed the pixel per the instructions, adding to the online store/preferences.

We are using Supply theme.  This is the store:  eyelash-store.myshopify.com

The pixel is not working.

However, if I ad the pixel to the checkout page, in Settings/Checkout/additional scripts - it works.

Please help me to understand what is going on.

I want to track Website purchases, and Website conversion values.

All you documentation says that I just need to add the pixel to the Store/Preferences.  So, what is the answer? 

I just want the real values and I'm scared if I put the code also on the Checkout page, that somethng may get fixed at shopify and I will have double values.

Please - help!

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Hey Lisa,

If you placed your Pixel in the preference section, you are done. That is all. It takes about an hour or so for the Pixel dashboard to update, and the pixel will be 'red' until the specific event fires. Meaning, if you please the pixel in the preference section and never have anyone add to card, the pixel will state 'no pixel fires yet' until the first person adds to cart, and it turns green!


I've made a whole video tutorial on how to place and analyze whether the pixel is working. Please find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR580FXJ-sw&t=38s


If you or anyone else have any follow up questions, feel free to reach out at UriWeinber@gmail.com


For reference, I specialize in Facebook advertising for Shopify stores. My website is: www.UriWeinberger.com


All the best, hope this added value to your day.