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I have been doing e-commerce via Shopify and advertising via Facebook for the past 3 months.

From the first moment and at all the different stores I've had, not all Purchase events are registered by the Facebook Pixel. Because of this I can't keep track of the results of my running ads.


I have been told that this is a known issue and there are some solutions offered by companies for hefty amounts.

My question is whether people here in the forum know the problem and even better, the solution. So that all my purchase events are registered.


I myself thought that the solution lay in custom events, but I am not entirely sure about this.


Thanks in advance!!

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When you say "not all", do you mean sometimes the event is fired correctly, and sometimes it's not?


In order for a purchase event to be tracked by Facebook Pixel, you need 2 settings:

  • Add Facebook Pixel code to your store: Online Store > Preference > Facebook Pixel
  • Add Facebook Pixel for purchase event to the "Order Confirmation" page. You can watch this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K988Q6VYG7I

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Thanks for your quick reply. I currently only have the pixel Id installed in settings.


So if I would also add this to Settings > Checkout > Additional Scripts, then it should work? 

{% if first_time_accessed and typeof fbq === 'undefined' %}
 // Insert Your Facebook Pixel ID below. 
 fbq('init', '00000000000');
 fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
   content_ids: [{% for item in order.line_items %}'{{item.sku}}',{% endfor %}],
   content_type: 'product',
   value:'{{ subtotal_price | money_without_currency | remove: ','}}',
   currency: 'EUR',
{% endif %}

Then I still don't understand why some purchase events are triggered now, but not all.

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Dear -it,


Hope Use of Google Tag Manager will help you.

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I've installed this snipped and also filled in the pixel id at the Shopify settings. But still not all orders are being monitored by Shopify.

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Hi Victor, does this track 100% of conversions in your experience?
Or are people with adblockers still not being counted as a conversion?

I wonder if using a custom domain to load Facebook scripts would work.

Most ad blockers also block Google Tag Manager so I'm not sure whether adding GTM to the order confirmation page would help.

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If you're still unclear with your Facebook pixel problem try WinAds Manager. This app ensures your pixel set up correctly and you can create and manage multiple pixels wherever you want. This app is specially designed to help Shopify store owners with the Facebook pixel problems.

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WinAds didn’t solve this problem at all.

I also find it a bit weird that you created your account only to spam links
to your (or your client’s) plugins.
Met vriendelijke groet,

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Hi -it, did you ever get this fixed?

What percentage of orders are being tracked? Most, if not all, Facebook advertisers experience some amount of lack of attribution (purchases not being reported to FB ads). If you're getting the majority of purchase events, it's probably normal. More and more people are wanting anonymity online and that may be affecting this to a large degree. i.e. iPhones are now coming standard with browser tracking disabled.

The correct way to install your pixel is: Online Store > Preferences. In the Facebook Pixel section, add your Facebook pixel ID

You don't want to use Checkout Settings > Additional Scripts as this won't track any user activity beyond Purchases. And that data is extremely valuable.

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