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Facebook Pixel reports wrong Add To Cart Value - Ajaxcart

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Hey there, 


here some specs for our issue:

- Theme: Impulse Theme with lots of modifications (but "none" to the add to cart form js) 

- Website:

- Add to Cart Form (only possible on the product page) -> simple HTML Form with selected variant as ID

- Facebook Pixel Integration -> Default Shopify Integration (we have used and tried trackify before but went back to the default integration) 


When an item is added to the cart the "Facebook Pixel Helper" reports 0.35€ added to the cart - but the price of the item is in real 24,95€. We use Shopify Plus and we have tried to talk about this with the support team, they always refer me to "use the cart page" instead of the ajaxcart - but this is not a solution for us! We do not have a proper cart page yet and we do want to A/B Test this change first. The Pixel works well on all other pages and checkout - only the add to cart value 0.35€ is reported wrong. 


There was also not javascript added which i know off - which would add this event i can't find anything in the DOM and i also don't know where i should start. I am hoping - someone here had similar issues before and was able to resolve it. I would appreciate any help or idea for this weird issue. 




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Hello Markup,

Looking at your situation, I think there can be multiple reasons for this problem.

1) You can check whether the pixel is correctly added on the website.

2) There can be a glitch with the pixel. I would recommend you to check and add the pixel again.

3) I would request you to create a cart page so that it will help the pixel to gather data for your add to the cart page.

4) Until and unless we see the problem by ourselves, we won't be fully able to understand the problem as this requires proper implementation of the pixel.

5) Once the pixel is correctly added, no other problem arises.

6) We are pretty sure that there must be a glitch as the pixel is working fine with all the pages except for the "add to cart" page.


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