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Facebook Pixel Set Up Issues - Test Events Showing No Activity ( Pixel Showing Connected)

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Hi All,

Seeking Some help . Spent hours searching for possible solution but fount nothing helpful.

I recently tried installing the Facebook pixel on website but it is not working properly.

Initially i set up FB pixel on the website using the Preferences -> Add Facebook pixel id  method and everything was working perfectly fine. Test events were firing .

I changed my Facebook pixel two days ago and simply changed the value of the pixel in the pixel ID field in Preferences and that is where the issue started. Instead of allowing me to change the pixel ID directly, now i started getting the option to "set up Facebook" . I followed the steps and was able complete the new pixel installation.

The Pixel is showing active on the store however on checking "Test events" in  event manager, its not showing any activity at all. I have to troubleshoot , disabled ad blockers and tried several times but unable to figure out the issue. Also Only Page view event seems to be getting fired on the website.

Cant even figure out which part of the code is firing the pixel so unable to delete the pixel altogether.

Website :




The pixel seems to be working fine when i see it using "Facebook pixel helper" however since test events is not firing any events so don't know if things are set up correctly or not.

I am not an expert at this so i might have missed some details . Would appreciate anyone's help in sorting out these issue.



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Try turning off your ad blocker on facebook and shopify (your site).

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any other ideas? I'm still having this problem

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I am facing the same issue

my store is

were you able to resolve it?

Thanks in advance

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hey there, any luck with how to fix this issue?