Re: Facebook Pixel shopify integration: AddToCart Event firing Twice

Facebook Pixel shopify integration: AddToCart Event firing Twice

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Hi, I have a problem with my Shopify site Facebook Pixel witch connected via the admin area firing twice for AddToCart event. I have installed GA and GTM but they don't have AddToCart events. 

Every time after pressing the button 'Add to Cart' event firing twice and I can see in FB Pixel dashboard the same date and time for that event. Also, Facebook Pixel Helper said 'The Facebook pixel activated 2 times on this web page, which can cause errors in your event tracking.'

A page for testing:

Guys, can you give hints what is wrong, I have already tried all the options 🙂
Thank you.

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Hi @MaximGJ ,

Have you manually added the pixel in your theme file or have added pixel in preference sections. What i am suspecting is you have twice added pixel once in theme and then in preferences section. 

Once check for this possible cause, also if you are using chrome use Pixel Helper chrome extension. It might help you

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nope I use only pixel in preference sections. But I found the problem is ajaxify widget which was modifyed

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اعتقد  انني اضفت بيكسيل مرتين 

لا اعلم كيف احذف احدهم ولا اعرف من احذف بالتحديد

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Simply remove GTM tag and you will not see the error.

You can use Facebook app without integration of the GTM.
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Hi @MaximGJ,


Facebook duplicate conversions for both add to cart and purchase are known issues that make it hard for you to really measure your advertising performance and ROAS accurately. It can happen due to various reasons, customers that refreshed the checkout page, clicked and/or viewed more than one ad in the attribution window, issues with scripts with ajax cart and the list go on.

We developed on AdScale a report that helps you to eliminate the double conversions by connecting the click ID and conversion ID directly to the Shopify Order ID, and this can detect duplicate conversions on Facebook  & Instagram, or even cross-platform between Facebook & Google. This way you can get the real picture of your advertising performance!





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Hey MaximGj, I have been through your issues and screencast. 
One possibility for the cause of this error is the manual event which might have been setup through the event setup tool and though you have already connected the pixel through shopify partner integration. It becomes a possibility that both of the events are firing at once, first one from manual setup and other one from partner integration. 

solution for this is as per the following steps. 
go to business settings > events manager > on the right hand side you'll find the event type (all/custom events) [screenshot attached].

click on the custom event and you'll find all the events setup through the manual setup tool, find add to cart & click on it, then click on manage events and delete it. 
you issue is sorted, test your events for a confirmation. 

I hope this resolves your issue. Please feel free to revert back to us if it does.


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How did you fix it? I'm experiencing the same issue

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Hi Carlosalaniz, strongly recommended use only Facebook Pixel in admin area shopify. Also I have error in ajaxify template, you can check this file.

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Yeah, I only installed it through the admin area and I fixed it. You were right, it was part of the ajax

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Hi, how can I see if I'm using ajax and if I`m having the same issue because of that?


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Hi i am having the same issue, can you please tell how to get red of showing add to cart twice on event manager. 

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see here on debugging add to cart firing twice - you need to use dev tools to see what is initiating it and then work backwards from there to limit the script.

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Hey! Have you tried using any Shopify app for Facebook Pixel? 


I recommend using Adnabu’s Facebook Pixel app, which deduplicates any event fired more times. You don’t have to do anything from your end; the app will automatically deduplicate the AddToCart event when tracking. 

It can be nerve-racking to figure out what went wrong, but this solution is very simple and doesn't require changing anything in the code. 

I hope this helps. 🙂 

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