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About me:  I market special needs diaper changing tables - mostly to schools and adult day care facilities, as well as other physical medicine products.  Our products are built to order, have a 3 week build time, and then 3 to 5 days ground shipping.

Q:  Considering my build / shipping time requirements, would that disqualify me from selling on FB?

Q:  I would like to reach Special Education teachers and administrators in K-12 schools in the USA only.  Can I easliy reach them with Facebook ads?  How granular could I get?

Q:  I would like to reach individuals who work in non-profit adult day care facilities who care for developmentally disabled and special needs individuals.  Can I easliy reach them with Facebook ads?

Q:  I understand that I need to have a Facebook Page to run certain ads.  Are the news feeds ads effective for someone who may not want to delve into a FB Page (yet), but run some experimental ads?

Q:  If I wanted to out-source my FB campaigns, can anyone suggest an excellent individual they have successfully worked with recently?  I don't want to approach a firm, I'd rather talk with someone who is referred and has proven expertise in pinpointing target audiences in FB.

Thank you for your feedback, in advance.

Joe H


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Hello Joe,

Please contact me here with your all requirement.

Kind Regards,

Gauri Sinha