Facebook reporting far more conversions than what is actually occurring on Shopify. Please Help!

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Please Help!

We have recently started to run ads for our Shopify page. The problem is when I run a conversion campaign, Facebook is reporting far more purchases and revenue than what is actually occurring. I have called Shopify support to make sure everything is set up correctly, and they confirmed that they saw nothing wrong. I have also submitted a ticket or whatever you want to call it, thru Facebook Ads. I am not sure what is the next troubleshooting step, so any help is greatly appreciated.Capture.PNG

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And why is my Add To Cart firing 3 times?Capture.PNG

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You most likely have your tag installed incorrectly. If it is firing 3 times on add to cart, it is probably firing multiple times on your checkout page as well. How did you install the FB pixel?

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Hello imdrew12,
Could you please help me with website URL, so that I can check the code implementations?

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I would recommend installing accountify to track your profit after FB ad spend. It will link up with your FB account.