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Hey everyone,

Do you run any retargeting ads on Facebook?

Did you know that sellers are getting between 8 to 12x returns on their retargeting ads on Facebook?

We are just about to release our Facebook Ad Design tool to a select group of 25 Shopify stores and your store might just be the perfect fit.  You’ll have access to the entire tool for FREE while testing. All we request in return is your feedback.

With the tool you’ll be able to make your ads stand out like only the big brands can afford to. Picture adding a discount, a sale label or your logo to every single ad you run. Here are a few examples from Amazon and others.



Here’s the best part. You could do all this in just a few clicks on OrangeTwig and without any training on FB ads or any graphic design skills .

Is this of any interest?  Just fill in a few details here I’ll be happy to set you up for an early access pass.  -  http://catalog.orangetwig.com

Did I mention this? If you are selected, you can use the ENTIRE OrangeTwig Social Media Marketing Suite FREE for a month.

Selection is on a first come, first serve basis. Hurry!

- Jayant




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