Facebook Sales Channel + Facebook Marketing app resulting in 2 catalogs in Facebook Ad Manager?

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I've added Facebook as a sales channel and also the Facebook Marketing app on a store.  The Facebook sales channel has successfully connected with the appropriate Facebook Business Page, and the feed of products has made its way and the products appear properly in the Shop section.  


Note: I haven't used Facebook Marketing to create an ad campaign.  


However, I have just attempted to create Facebook Business Ad (actually a split A/B test).  Upon visiting the Catalog Manager, I notice that there are 2 catalogs.


So my question is when you create Dynamic Product Ads does it automatically create a separate catalog for use?


Thank you.



More details:

  • One catalog clearly was generated by Shopify (I'm assuming through the Facebook sales channel integration), because the catalog nam name is something like "Products for mystore.myshopify.com"
    • the owner of the catalog is "Shopify".
    • and I can't make changes such as connect the business Instagram page because it says that I'm not an Admin and that 'Shopify' is
    • Other than that, the Shopify collections have come across nicely, but it has no knowledge of the Pixel that is connected and I can't add it even if I try
  • The other catalog is entitled "Facebook Ads DPA catalog"
    • exactly the same products as the "Products for mystore.myshopify.com" one
    • But it isn't connected to the Facebook Page 'shop'
    • It does have the correct Pixel connected to it.





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When you create a Dynamic Product Ads campaign.. it does not make your FB catalog. The two catalogs you have are based on the sales channel (the one owned by SHopify) and the Facebook Marketing app. The only other way you would have a FB catalog would be if it was based off your pixel. It's usually best to just have one catalog and build your DPA campagns and FB page shop off that. Making managing it easier as you grow the business.

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Hey there!

Shoot me an email if you're still having this problem 🙂 

I've recently found a solution to this problem, and I can walk you thru fixing it so your event source is paired to your Shopify Catalog!

Email: jmaher@esperinbound.com