Facebook Shop Product Description Error

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Right now, I have 2 catalogs. One from Facebook Pages (Shopify) - which I don't have admin access to and Business Manager - which I do have access to, but there are limitations on the # of product variables.


Basically what's connected to my Facebook shop is the catalog "owned" by Shopify and I'm seeing some errors in the product details. For example, I made a description and have provided the required fields, but

- Color: null

- Pattern: null

- Size: null"

is showing up below the information I've inputted. I've looked all throughout the Catalog Manager, but either I'm restricted from editing it or there aren't any options to directly edit what's being put in the descriptions.


Would anyone happen to know how I can fix this issue? This is the only problem I'm having aside from waiting to get my Instagram shop approved, so if any solutions could be offered, I would appreciate it TREMENDOUSLY. Thank you!

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Hi Froyofaiza,

Do not add your description in this format:

- color: red

- size: 40 etc, for disapproved products. 

Add your description in the form of a paragraph. Once it's approved you can re-edit your descriptions. 

Email me if needs any more help in anything: ranamuzamil195 at Gmail dot com.