Facebook slideshow - How can be added?

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I learned from different YT sources that for a Facebook campaign is always recommended to have at least 2 or 3 ads in your ad sets, normally an image, a video and a slideshow.


My question is. How is it possible to create/add a slideshow? Is this option no longer possible? I've read FB documentation regarding how to this and even watched some video where they do it. But I don't seem to have that option.


When creating an Ad I have three options to choose from: "Single image or video", "Carousel", "Collection". According to the slideshow option should appear after selecting "Single image or video". In fact, the description of this option points me into that direction: "One image or video, or a slideshow with multiple images". Great!


I select that option and it's supposed that in the Ad Creative section there should be a button for the slideshow. But no, I only see an "Add media" dropdown giving me the options to add either an image or a video. I tried uploading multiple images and selecting them, but that's not an option - only one image allowed.


So not sure if slideshows are just something facebook removed or I am just doing something wrong. 

I've considered to create a "slideshow" just in a short video to mimic that same effect, but not sure if that's be worthy as FB would still consider it as a video and might be showing it to wrong people. Also it wouldn't do anything for people who have the autoplay deactivated.


Any ideas?

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@ECOMTEUR , Carousel ads allow you to upload multiple images which the viewer can scroll through.  I should think that would work for you wouldn't it?  Why not test and see how it looks?


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Yes, tried that already but not what I'm looking for. A slideshow gives you the opportunity to create a kind of animation in a static image that wouldn't move (similar to a gif) whereas carousel forces the user to click on next image - more useful if you want to display different products.


If I have no option I guess I'll have to go with no slideshow or create that animation in a small video. But I'm just so curious that everyone using FB ads talks about slideshows and I don't seem to have that option!