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We have seen a decline in sales since around October 10 2021, from facebook although we have done what we usually do all these past years.


We noticed a yellow exclamation at the ad sets around October 20th, and the pixel was reporting no action whatsoever, we contacted facebook, they said its a known problem, after 24 hours they solved the issue, pixel ok and the adset exclamation gone.


But still, sales are not up where they should be. It feels that facebook is not targeting well, something is not right.


Yes we know that facebook is not bringing sales constantly, ad fatigue etc. But something does not feel right here.


We are better in products than ever, no raise in prices, in fact we have had less variety and more expensive items in the past and facebook always brought more sales.


Have you experienced this? Please share your experience from the past two months.


Thank you


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Hi @Esmeralda1,


have you checked your overall analytics? Such as Google analytics or Shopify anslytics? Do you see overall drop in these analytics as well?


For one of my clients I found out that the client limited tracking for users in EU. I don’t know what your customers are from but if from EU it could be potentially one of the reasons? Learn more here:

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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