Facebooks Ads showing purchases but no orders on shopify

Facebooks Ads showing purchases but no orders on shopify

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i started running a traffic ad yesterday and it tells me I have 105 purchases when in fact I have 0. I did a test order to see if payment was working and it is but this is a huuuuuge difference in numbers. Also for other ads but not such a big discrepancy.

Pixel and events are set up - events also showing 'purchases' but not accurate.

what could be wrong?

my store: baggypack.com

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Hi @baggypack 


I think there is a misconfiguration in how the Facebook Pixel tracks the 'Purchase' event on your website. It may be incorrectly firing on pages or actions that are not actual purchases.


Here are the actions you can take to fix it:


1. Review your pixel installation
- Go to your Shopify Admin panel.
- Click on 'Online Store' and then 'Preferences'.
- Scroll down to the Facebook Pixel section and ensure your Pixel ID is correct.


2. Verify your purchase event configuration
- Open Facebook Ads Manager.
- Navigate to the 'Events Manager'.
- Select your Pixel and look at the setup for the 'Purchase' event.


3. Test the Pixel with Facebook Pixel Helper
- Install the Facebook Pixel Helper extension for Google Chrome if you haven't already.
- Visit your store's checkout page and conduct a test purchase.
- The Pixel Helper should indicate a 'Purchase' event fired when you complete the order. If it fires at any other time, there's your issue.


4. Adjust your pixel
- If the Pixel fires incorrectly, you need to adjust the event in the 'Events Manager'.
- Use the 'Event Setup Tool' within the Manager to specify when the 'Purchase' event should fire (ideally on the 'Thank You' or order confirmation page).


Remember to place an order test to see whether your change fixes the issue or not.


I hope that this helps!

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Definitely sounds like a pixel issue. You can download the Facebook chrome extension to test when events are fired, go through landing page, product, cart, checkout and see if any purchase events are fired.


Also, don't run traffic ads if you are looking for conversions. FB will send you what you are looking for, do you want people who click a lot of ads but don't buy anything, if so buy traffic ads, else buy conversion ads. Your CTR will drop but visitors will have higher purchase intent.

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I did this and I can see at my chrome extension that it is working. However, when I have a new purchase at the back end of ads manager still can't see the purchase on my shopify. All conversion summary don't have any 'facebook ads' all of them are 'online store'


Is there any way to track which of those purchases are from FB Ads?