Re: Fail to verify my store in google search console

Fail to verify my store in google search console

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hi all

I want my website being indexed by google and I just started and trying to verify my store in google search console

However, i followed steps, copying txt to my store but couldn't verified.

Can somebody help me fix it?

my website:





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It seems that you didn't updated the DNS records correctly. When checking your TXT records for your domain, there are no records for Google.


The verification you've chosen, have to be done on the domain name server. Maybe try to chose another verification method. IIRC Google also offers a verification by settings a meta-tag in your store. That is much easier. Do you see this opion?

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You need to update the DNS records of your domain through the registrar. It may take 24 to 48 hours to propagate and you can check again.


Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 10.54.43 AM.png


You can directly add the code to the header of your store to verify your domain with GSC. Until it is rightly integrated, it won’t complete the verification.

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