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Hi There,

It has been a slow start gaining traffic to our site but over the past few months we have been working with a SEO company to help with ranking. Some keywords we are now on page 1 or 2 which is great but...

I think our site is getting a heap of fake/bogus traffice as their behavior is all the same with a high bounce rate. The only go to home page, stay for around 20 seconds, then leave. They are from all over the world but mainly from the USA. I have read up about the spam bots such as buttons-for-sites and others, but the thing is, the traffic that is coming to our site is not from any referrals. Both Shopify and Google Analytics are saying they are all direct (about 90% per day are coming direct - seems unlikely for a reasonably new business).

This is now becoming very disheartening as I can no longer get excited about an increase in our site traffic as I beleive they are nothing but spam.

How can I tell real traffic from fake traffic? Is there a solution for this problem? Are there any Google Analytics experts out there who help me see that everything is set up okay. Perhaps there are errors?

Any advise would be great.


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This has become a huge issue lately for a lot of us.

You can create filters in Google Analytics to filter them out.

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This has become a huge problem lately.

You can easily filter this traffic out in Google Analytics.

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Yes, this is the big issue even i am facing. On an average i see 500 visitor on daily basis who stays on my store for less than 20 sec and no sales yet.


Can anyone help us to convert this fake traffic to real one. Many thanks...!!! 

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Hi Astrid - I suggest you filter out all visitors that stayed for less than 25 seconds on the site.


One of my clients was having a similar problem with traffic that was being generated from dating sites. He received almost 10,000 visitors with not a single visitor converting to a paying customer.

Working on generating revenue with Pinterest for my clients.
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Have you ever consider using a CAPTCHA service to filter bots attack?  https://blog.geetest.com/en/article/captcha-future

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I’m having the exact same issue, is this a new problem? Has it been solved? What’s the solution? Where is this traffic coming from? So there’s no use getting excited about this traffic is there?



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I have the same problem. Hundreds of visitors per day who stay 00:00:00.

I did some searching in the analytics. I started filtering by device, browser type, operating system etc. Turns out that ALL 0 second visitors are on iOS and the device browser is Instagram. 

We do quite a lot of Instagram ads and this makes me think that perhaps, Instagram sends a ping to our Shopify page every time someone visits our Instagram page. This would explain the high number of visitors. My next step is turn off Instagram ads for a couple of days and see if the fake traffic disappears. 

Would be great to hear if anyone else who has this problem also runs Instagram ads and sees Instagram as device browser.