False Google Analytics referrals from portal.afterpay.com

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Just wondering how to get around the problem whereby sales using the Afterpay payment gateway are attributed to the referrer 'portal.afterpay.com' in Google Analytics.

Some suggest adding 'portal.afterpay.com' to the Referral Exclusion List, but  that doesn't solve the problem of identifying the true acquisition source of the sale.


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Not sure why PayPal doesn't show up as a referrer in Analytics, but having read this help topic, it appears that the recommended method is to add 'portal.afterpay.com' to the Referral Exclusion List. 

Hope this helps.

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to the referral exclusion list is the right solution. It comes from stores who use Afterpay as a payment provider. You can search "afterpay" in my Google Analytics Shopify guide to learn more.

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