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FB Ad Account Pros, Need your help.

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I have 1 Ad account that shows 0-50 conversion learning phase for every conversion ad set.

I have another relatively new ad account (under $1000 total spending), that never shows any 0-50 Conversion Event Learning.  It only says in Review or Active, thats it.

Anyone know why that is?  And for the new account that never shows learning phase, does that mean it's not learning?  Or is there a setting that I am missing to configure....

Pixel is same for both account, so it can not be that pixel is not set up properly.  Both ad account share 1 access to same pixel.


Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 5.46.52 PM.png

This is the learning phase I'm talking about, on my 2nd newer account it never shows this.

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