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Fb ads manager not recording some of my orders on shopify

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Hi all,


At this moment i am only using fb ads to market my brand, a few orders that said "first session from instagram" do not show in my ads manager. Hence i have more sales in my shopify admin than i have in ads manager. This complicates things as my ROAS value will not be accurate anymore. Can anyone shed some light on why this happens?

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We will be really glad to resolve your mentioned issue

Don't compare two different tracking. These are a few possible reasons for differences in tracking results:
1. Differences in how page reloads and unique visitors are counted. For example:-Google counts every page reload, but a browser doesn't count reloads of cached pages.
2. Differences in how sessions are defined. For example, some analytics software counts search bots as visitors, while other software doesn’t.
3. Google can only count visitors with JavaScript and cookies enabled. Some visitors might not allow cookies or JavaScript.
4. Discrepancies might be introduced because of different reporting time zones.

I hope this helps. 🙂

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