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Hi there,

If I spend $100 per day on FB and very happy with the results, and them I double the amount and all the great statistics crushes - is that an expected behavior? how long till it will ramp up again?


Thanks for your comments.

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How will your great statistics get crushed if you are already getting cool response at $100/day??

If you fear from failure, you just need to check if your campaign is impactful or not.

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I think I understand what you mean. When I want to scale up a successful ad, I do this in small increments over days until I reach the amount I want.

When I've just doubled the budget, like you, I've seen the results completly change.


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Hi everyone, we had the same experience with Facebook ads and scaling. 

We combined three solutions and are now able to scale our sales.

Cranberri drives our traffic (https://cranberri.io), and Sales Pop (https://beeketing.com/) and EasyDisqus (https://apps.shopify.com/disqus-integration-product-comments-reviews) give us rep with new and repeat customers. 

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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Instead of doubling-up the amount instantly and seeing crash in the result, you should go for gradual budget rise and see the response. At times, it is possible to widen your metrics while yous set your budget high so more audience is covered and you get better ROI.

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Hi All,

If you're facing a sudden drop in the conversions for the same audience, only after increasing the budget. Try using facebook ads Test & Learn tool.

Let me tell you how you can get started with it:

  • First of all, never double down your budget for the same campaign.
  • In fact try experimenting with it, to get the best out of it.
  • Clone your campaign and try running it with different adcopy or different audience altogether. 
  • Now try setting up test & learn experiment to compare this campaign head to head.
  • Chances are high you will get the answer, what is missing.

Snippet of Facebook experiment tool:

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I would suggest to diversify your ad spend as well. Start experimenting with Google Adwords.


Janice K.

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Hi Jessica, how long have you used cranberri? any more info you can share on them?


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May be you have exhausted your Audience

I sticked in the same problem 

You need to stop your campaign for a few dayes, rebudget your sets, and expand your audience that by reduce the number of filter.

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Hey Mark,

As many other have mentioned, doubling your budget overnight may not instantly translate into doubling the results. This is especially true if you are targeting very specific audiences.

A great way to spend those extra $100 would be testing a few new audiences and see if you get the same or even better results.

These are a few audiences you could try, which will likely get you some results:

  • Visitors lookalikes: If you are getting good traffic from your facebook campaign, you could try creating a visitors-lookalike audience and targeting them with a different campaign.
  • Something that always works great for me is targeting people who are interested in my competitors. This won't work on small stores/brands, but if there are any major players in your space who have over 500k/1M followers, you should be able to target them just fine. If you sell a very specific product and your competitors are broad, you may narrow down the audience by including a few additional variables.
  • You could remarket your visitors who didn't buy.

If you tell us a bit more about your store I'd happily suggest some extra targeting strategies. But don't be afraid to experiment. Also, in general new audiences - when relevant - tend to perform quite well (given a some time for facebook to learn)

Another option is for you to carefully expand your current audience by widening up the variables that make it up (including people with an additional interst for instance, or extending the age groups you are targeting), but you should be very vigilant, as this may well lower the efficiency of your ads, hence lowering your conversion rates.

Good luck and keep up the good work!


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