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I've run my first ad campaign.  One ad has 1075 impressions and only 14 link clicks.  The other two have low impressions (152 and 346)  all three ads have the same ad cost or money I dedicated to them ($15/day).  Two questions.  One, is 14 clicks out of 1075 impressions bad?  Two is, why wouldn't the impressions be the same for any ad, I thought the impressions were the number of times an ad is placed before an audience?


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Hi Nick, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great question, Facebook ads are tough to get going on the best of days. The number of impressions Facebook gives before an ad goes it is an estimate of the audience it can hit. If it isn't an audience that resonates or connects with your brand or what you are selling then the click-through rate or impressions might not be what you expected or hoped. 

The marketing team at Shopify wrote a blog post on an Introduction to Facebook Ads which you might find useful. Shopify also has a helpful guide on Facebook advertising 101 which you can find here. A very good technique for Facebook advertising is called the 3x3x3 method which involves something similar to what you have done already. You start out with 3 ads, 3 different audiences and 3 sets of copy/images with a small budget for each, then monitor the results for each variable. You’ll notice some ads will perform better than others. You can drop off the less successful ads and raise the budget for the more successful ones, to reach that key audience. There is a great article going through this which you can find here

One last thing I will reccomend is looking into Kit. Kit acts as a virtual employee to help you find the correct audience by creating highly-targeted Facebook ad campaigns. The Kit team does regular webinars which you can find the times for here that could be worth checking out. 

Best of luck with it all going forward! 


Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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