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Hi everyone. Up until a week ago my pixel was working great. No problems. But I've noticed for my last orders the pixel isn't receiving the purchase event. 

It receives the add to cart, initiate checkout, and content view for all these orders, but it's not picking up the purchase event. 

My pixel has been integrated with Shopify, and on the diagnostics section in events manager on FB it says its working great.

Has anyone had this problem? Im hoping to get it fixed as I'm optimizing for purchases and I'd hate to miss out on that data to further optimize my ads.


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There's likely to be a conflict with the Facebook pixel on the order status page. Load up the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension then view the order status page of an existing order. Does the pixel get loaded? The purchase event won't fire, but it's a first test.

What apps did you install or change in the past week?

Did you make changes to the checkout scripts?

Next step is to do a test order yourself and debug errors. This gets technical so you'll need help from someone if you're not technically confident.

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Hello, did you solved the problem. I have the same problem right now. Thanks in advance!