FB SpyTool - New Registrations Opened For A Limited Time

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Hello Shopifyers,

I'd like to annouce we've just opened our inhouse/invite only FB spytool to a very limited amount of forum members, the tool has a number of advanced features you won't find anywhere else.

-Every ad on the platform is performance based, hand reviewed and categorised, no more searching for a needle in a haystack of brand ads

-Velocity Scoring (we can see which ads are being scaled right now!)

So far it has only been used by the members of our media team and a few invite only clients so all the ads on the platform are still very fresh. The tool has been incredibly profitable for us over the last 2 years, if you know how to run FB ecom campaigns then this is basically a money printer.

The tool is exclusive and we plan to keep it that way with a very limited number of users, so if you want an invite be quick!

If you are interested, register here http://www.checkpointzulu.com/

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