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FB video ad

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Hello Entrepreneurs,

I running my first video ad on FB.  A free plus shipping offer.  I can't believe I have no purchases yet on a Free plus Shipping. Can anyone suggest something I can change?  I'm getting over 1000 impressions the first day, 6 link clicks, a relevance score is 5 and rising I think.  556 3 second video views.



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How many days has it been running? You should give it a couple of weeks before you really have true results to look at.

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Hi Shante,

The ad had been running for about 3 days.  Are you saying run the ad for two weeks?  I thought there was a way to test it faster and make changes way before that?   


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Hi Nick,

I'm Markus from Lean biz Growth.

In my experience offers like this only work once the desire for the product has been built.

If the first thing people see from your brand is a free product, what will their perception of the product and brand be? 

Many people will think, Why is it free? Where is the catch? 

So focus on building the value and desire for the product first. If this is done well enough many people will be willing to buy it.  The free product offer can then be used to push the people that haven't purchased over the edge.

I have created a hub of resources that explains how various marketing channels work, what ROI's you can expect from them and step by step guides on now to set them up.  There is no cost to access it, you just need to sign up.

I think you might find this useful.  If it's of interest you can get more details here .