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I launched my new store  2 weeks ago. I have been running two ppc campaigns and I am receiving between 20-40 daily visits. Unfortunately I have not witnessed any sales yet, nor added to cart. Would appreciate honest feedback on my site and tips for boosting sales/conversions.

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Hi StephSund! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I love your cheerful, sunny website! The colors are great, and the featured image is high res.

Consider displaying an image of your product, in the homepage banner instead, as this way you will show your visitors what to expect [it’s a good rule to inform visitors what you have to offer within the first 3 seconds]. The beach image, while beautiful, is doing little when it comes to encouraging people to make a purchase.

Your featured image already has a short tagline, as well as a button with CTA, which is great. Make sure to have a separate collection with your items, and link the image to the collection as well. Please see how to add a collection to your Shopify store.

I noticed you do not display the link to your shop in the top menu, which might affect your conversion rate. The top panel is linked via anchor to the products on your homepage, but it is a good practice, to display a Shop link in the top navigation as well.

FAQ page - you mention you are offering a free worldwide shipping - this is a fantastic selling point, and I would recommend including it in your top promo bar.

Add your About us page - it’s an important trust signal and can positively boost your conversion rate. The more content you have, the quicker you’ll start ranking in Google. Make sure to tell more about your brand, your story, what inspired you to start this business, and also add a photo of your team and your warehouse / retail premises if you have one. Add internal links, H tags and bolded key phrases to target your specific keywords. Learn more: How to completely SEO your Shopify pages.

Contact us page - display your professional email address here as well. You can get a custom email address to match your domain name through G-suite. Hyperlink email address for a 1-click-contact. Make sure to hyperlink email address for a 1-click-contact. Learn more here: How to make email address into hyperlink.

Product page looks great! You have long and unique product descriptions and size charts, perfect! Consider adding related items to your product template. It will help you increase your average order value through cross selling. Please watch this video to learn how to add related products to your Shopify store.

Blog - consider blogging regularly. It’s a great way to bring the most relevant traffic to your store and create a rapport with the potential shoppers. People buy from people, not from brands, so showing your personality and an expertise through the blog posts will have a major impact on your conversion rate [sales per visits].

Social media - make sure to connect your Facebook, Instagram and other social media profiles as well, as social presence is now being taken into consideration by Google, when ranking websites. When adding social media icons, consider opening the links in new tabs. It’s advisable to open the external links in new tabs, as otherwise you would be losing the traffic off your website, when someone clicks on these links. Please see this video to learn how to open external links in tabs in Shopify.

If you would like to learn more how to improve your SEO and drive more relevant traffic to your website, please book your business consultation today. Also, consider investing in a professional website redesign by an authorized Shopify Partner. We can optimize your store for an online user and for SEO in only 10 days.


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Hi Steph,

Do you know from which location these people are coming? Are your campaigns refined by geography? Beause, when I followed the entire process, I noticed only at the last step that you don't ship to India. Now, I would count as a visit, but will drop off because you don't ship to my location. 

To add to Maggie's point about About Us and Social Media, you need these two things for trust building. As a buyer, I need to know you before I give you my money. Since you've written very little about you and haven't added your social channles, there's little or no trust building happening. Here's an article on what to include in the About Us page: Tips to write a Brilliant About Us page.  I think you'll find it helpful. 

Overall, I feel if you want to see some conversions, you have up your traffic. The average website conversion rate for accessories is at about 3.50%. Use social media to drive traffic. It continues to be a great source of referra; traffic. You have discounts. Promote them and your products. I'd suggest that you use OrangeTwig to promote your products and discounts on social media. Here are some sample designs: 

Posts which have a design tend to do better than the ones without designs. 

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If you really want traffic from social media then Instagram is your channel. Jewelry is a great niche for Instagram. Naturally your products are beatuiful. With correct hashtags, you'd be able to grow your following in no time. Use OrangeTwig hashtag research tool to find correct hashtags. You can get started with the Hashtag Research tool for FREE. Learn more about the tool here. 

Also, do check out the entire Insta-Success Toolkit. It's pretty powerful and you'll be able to make your Instagram posts clickable. 

Here are some articles that I think will generally help you: 

- What to post on social media 

- Which type of hashtags to use across channels 

I hope this helps. 

- Karan 

You can ask specific questions in Seller Success Facebook group.

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