Feedback on iOS app: product video maker for Shopify & marketplaces

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Hi all — I am currently looking to get some feedback on the very first build of our iOS app.

The idea is that the app helps online stores create short videos for social ads and product listings.

We came up with specific in-camera guides that would give the user the 'best angles' for different products (like dresses, jackets, swimwear).

Would you (creators/store owners/marketers) find something like this valuable?

This is an example of a 'jacket' template; notice that the template is slightly ghosted in the first image, which helps you line up the best shot.

You can of course add cool elements to your video, like reviews, music, text and pricing.

We are working on a direct Shopify integration, but keen to hear if there's a need for it? Please be honest!

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