Few sales and minimal traffic

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Hello!  I have been open for about 4 months now and have only had sales from friends or other family. I did get one sale from someone I did not know. I was hoping to have had more sales by now. Can any of you please check out my website and Instagram page and give me some helpful feedback. I have a smaller budget and am looking for suggestions other than paid campaigns. 

Below is m website: 



Thanks all!! 

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Heya Emily! Thanks for sharing your store 🙂 

The popup is ok but it is like every other popup we see and I don't want to place my information in there because there is not enough incentive to do so. I do not like the theme it is hard to navigate. Your watches look very generic and do not stand out. They are also very expensive so I do not see how you can market this to anyone 🙂 The problem with this is that you will not make any sales at all no matter how long you wait. I hope this helps! 🙂 


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Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for checking out my website. I've updated the theme to be easier to
navigate, so hopes this helps. I appreciate your feedback and will consider
the price points as well.
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Hi Emily,


Your store looks very good and I see you put an effort to it. There are 3 things I think you should consider improving in your store.


1.  Change the HERO image on the Homepage. It's not related in any way to the concept of the product. You have so many high-quality images of your products, why don't put one of those? When potential buyers get to your store, you have approx 3 seconds to get their attention, if you'll show them content that is unrelated to your store and product they'll simply get confused and leave. What brings me to...


2.  The homepage main tagline/title, Instead of putting the name of your brand which is not familiar enough, put in one sentence what your store is all about, again you have 3 seconds to catch the buyer's attention.


3. You should invest a bit more in your logo and branding, your logo looks like a  standard font. You can use Hacthful to help you create your logo easily and professionally.



However, I don't believe that the issues of not getting sales are related to your actual store. 

It might be that you're not advertising enough or not doing that correctly. I think generating relevant traffic is the number ONE problem for every new Ecommerce store. It's quite a complex mission to create good advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook if you're not familiar enough with the options available or the relevant audience for your store.


You might want to try AdScale to help you with your advertising campaigns. It's a Shopify app that automatically creates and manage advertising campaigns for your store, using advanced AI technology.

What's unique about this app is that it use insights from millions of active campaigns in order to create a very accurate audience targeting that is tailored to your store and products.


You can learn more about it in this link: ecom.adscale.com

You can also watch this short video to understand how it works:


Hope it helps!




AdScale is the best way to advertise on Facebook & Google because we use the power of your store data (that they don’t have) to run highly targeted ads and get an average ROAS of 10X.
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Hi Emily, I think the basics are there but a little fine tuning would definitely help. Having a quick browse through: - I thought the menu was overly-complicated (the animation, FAQs being off-screen initially and clicking to have a button appear rather than the initial click taking me through to the page). - I found an empty collection when clicking the "OUR CURATED COLLECTION" button. - The empty white banner looks a little like something may be broken. Fixing these few things could help finish the site off really well. After that, it's all about getting your website in front of the right people. As the saying goes: you have to spend money to make money. Being perhaps more of a luxury, image-conscious item; something like a small, targeted Instagram campaign would help. Alternatively, you could maybe even run a Like & Share style competition to win a free watch on Facebook (consider the cost of the watch the cost of the advertising). These approaches could greatly increase awareness and get your watches out there. Hope this helps.
Jamie @ Urban Feather
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problems i see right off the bat are , no product discriptions or product details , also YOU DONT OFFER REFUNDS OR RETURNS? thats crazy and will turn alot of people off it seems very risky to order from a company that will not take a return ! my 2 cents seems shady ,