Few traffic, No sales and Ads Error

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Hello everyone,


My name is Stefan and I have opened my online dropshipping store with iPhone cases one month ago. I tried to advertise my products on  Instagram, Facebook, Facebook ads and now I am waiting for my Google security code to make the website also available on Google and Google Shopping. Even though I used Facebook ads, I still have few traffic ( at most 90 sessions when I run ads) and no sales. I spent on my first campaign only 35 Eur for 5 days, and got an average of 80 sessions per day, targeting the whole Europe, but no sales. I have just started to run my second ad, but this time I doubled the amount spent and targeted only the top 5 countries where people showed the most interest from my previous ad. The problem is that the Facebook ad tells me that I had in one day 200 clicks, but my Shopify app tells me that I had only 60 sessions. Is it possible to be a Shopify error? 

However, I do not know why I get less and less traffic on my website and No Sales at all even if I spend more money on advertising and keep improving the website.

Please, take a look on my website and help me with some constructive feedback. I do not know if there is a problem with the ads or with my website. 

Thank you in advance!


Website URL: www.icover-iphones.nl

Instagram Page: @iCover.iphones.nl

Facebook Page: @digitalgarage.nl

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iPhone cover has very competitive. Most of the customers are looking for a cheap iPhone cover.


The solution is you have to write the product description for answer to the question "why". This "why" question is key to convince the customer to buy your product.

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