Finding new audiences (men's fashion accessories)

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So I am having trouble finding a good audience for my brand ( which sells men's accessories such as bracelets and watches (all dropshipping). I won't say who I am targeting now in case some of you say the same things, might be a sign that they might be good. Thank you!

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Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

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Examine your product for flaws.

You must first comprehend your product before you can analyse your client. This involves making a list of all of its functionality as well as the advantages they have. After that, make a list of the individual whose life will be made easier as a result of that profit.

Examine the business.

This is where it starts to feel a little like a community project. If the end result is as comprehensive as possible, you can informally collect the information or adopt a more textbook approach.

Write out your Customer Description

You'll need to define some facets of your potential consumer to get specific about who your target market is. The following characteristics are recommended by Fashion Business Insider:

  • Statistics on the population (age, gender, profession, income level, marital or family status)
  • Psychographics are the traits of individuals (values, attitudes, belief systems, pain points aka major areas of frustrations)
  • way of life (geographic location, leisure activities, travel)
  • Purchasing patterns (brand loyalty, impulse buyer or saver, price awareness, unique features they look out for)
  • Customer Needs – Keep in mind that needs trump wishes, and customers are willing to pay for anything that satisfies their needs.

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