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Hi All,


This is my first time launching a shopify store. 

As there were so many platforms like google ads, facebook etc , can anyone advice on where my first marketing platforms should be & how much should be invested on the first time round. 



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I saw your store. It looks cool. For your store, your best shot can be Instagram and Facebook. That's where your audience spends most of their time. I'm not much of a Snap Chat fan but I've heard that apparel and accessories stores are using Snap chat widely for their marketing purposes to.

Apart from marketing on these external platforms, you can do some SEO on your website and get really good results. One thing that I noticed on your website at a quick glance was the absence of your links in your footer. Make sure the links you've put in your header are present at the bottom too. These kinds of things matter. 🙂

Good luck. And I hope my answer helps you. 🙂

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All our ecommerce clients start out on Google Shopping because it's more cost effective and you can target people who are searching for the products you sell. Facebook is pray and spray with a cold audience. You can do some dynamic product remarketing on Facebook but hands down Google Shopping will help you drive sales and revenue faster.

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