First purchase mail - dynamic products suggested

First purchase mail - dynamic products suggested

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Hey there! 

Currently getting into marketing automations with my shop. 

What I want to do: 


First purchase upsell -> Wait 14 days -> Send mail with a product they did not already purchase


Of course I want to do this for all of my customers. Therefore, the mail should be dynamic and suggest no products the customer already bought. 

Is there a way to do this? Also with an app if necessary. 




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Hi @Tadpole 


I highly recommend trying out Omnisend to easily manage your email marketing. This app has pre-built automation as you mentioned.


I hope this helps!

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I'm not sure it's possible to do this in Shopify Email as I don't think you can pull recommended products into the email templates:


Other apps like klaviyo and omnisend I think have their own ways of sending these types of emails.


I believe we should be able to send out these emails using our app mesa though if that's of interest. We should be able to pull the recommendations in over the API.

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Hey @Tadpole 

I believe that you could also achieve this by using our app Arigato Workflow Automation.

You can check for recommendations via the API or make use of the Arigato database to store the line items that each customer has purchased and trigger a delayed email 14 days after each order is made.

Our friendly support team would also be happy to help with the workflow configuration. 🙂