For Brands: Which influencer marketing tools have you tried?

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This is a question for brands:

Which influencer marketing platforms have you tried?

and why did you stop using them?

or if you're still using them, what made you stay?

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Hi Gloria, 


Can definitely recommend the Carro app. It is free and alerts you whenever an influencer interacts with your brand. Carro also makes influencer gifting programs super easy. We're also expanding our features now to include a system of easy invites and even better tracking!


Hope you give us a try!

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Hi @gloria17 !


Great question.


I've had personal experience with AspireIq. 


Great solution which we are still using on some of the brands that I do manage. It offers the ability to search for new influencers, as well as a sort of CRM dashboard where you get all your collaborations, classified based on their stage. 


Last, pretty decent analytics dashboard to give you an idea of the value you're getting from the media posted. 


Finally, I'd advice you though, to not use any Influencer Marketing platform if you are not looking to scale your Influencer Marketing initiatives. These platforms are only valuable if you have lots of relationships to manage at once. Otherwise, don't add any significant value to your business. 


Hope it helps.