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Forum to drive traffic how much work?

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I just want to throw an idea in: how about a forum added to your website to drive traffic to your website? I know one shop who does it  but I don't know how much traffic from the forum he gets. The main problem is IMO the time invested in running a forum - does soemeone run a forum?

Three questions:

1.) Is a forum suitable to drive traffic?

2.) how much time per day do you need approximately?

3) Wgat other benefits does it have for your page? Like feedback or knonwledge....

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1. Yes, forums can be used to drive traffic from search engines, social media, and more.

2. You'll need to put in a good amount of time in the beginning to get your community off the ground. After that you can relax more. 🙂

3. This article goes into detail about the benefits of creating a forum.

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Forums do a couple of things:

  • Builds a community around your brand/business
  • Increase your "footprint" in search engines -- eg. more content originating from your business domain

It's definitely a long term investment -- not something where you're spending $X today on Facebook and will reap $Y dollars in 1 month.

Think longer... 6-12 months and more.

You'll need to give your customers and users a reason to congregate around your website (ie. forum or discussion board). Typically, these come in the following fashion:

  • A place for customer support
  • Sharing ways for using your product
  • Your users want to meet other users who are also your customers (eg. a place where your customers can share tips)
  • A Q&A place with people in your company

Does this take time? Yes, it does. But once you have a community congregating around a forum/discussion board, think of it as a moat that "protects" your business from competitiors.

Hope that helps!


Take a look at Champ at It's a way to easily add a forum right within your store.

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Yes, forums can help to drive huge traffic to your website.

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the best forums these days are Facebook groups, especially since Fb allowed Fb Biz pages to create groups. You could create your own Fb group but before you do, why not visit existing groups relevant to your biz and get to know people, and after awhile offer a survey or a lead magnet, all within the group's rules and tone. You can use groups to build a list on Messenger or an email list. Then run the usual marketing sequence, a few nurture messages/emails followed by a sales sequence. 

All the best