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Free product based on cart value, with or without code

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I'm looking for a solution to offer a product for free in 2 scenario;


1. Free product added automatically to the cart based on the cart value.


2. Free product added automatically to the cart when a discount code is entered in the checkout.



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1. To add a product to cart, you can use the ajax API to add the code to your theme. Pass this to your developer:


2. If you're on Shopify Plus, you should be able to do this using the same ajax API (not 100% but I would say add the product to the cart then have it refresh the page). If not on Plus, I don't think you'd be able to edit the checkout to do this.


If you want to add the product after the order is placed, you can use Order Automator app to do that.


If you don't have a developer handy for option 1 / 2 and want a recommendation, feel free to PM me.

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Hi @ced--ced 


From what I know, the Automatic Discounts & Upsells by Staytuned has both the two features you're looking for.


I hope that this helps!

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