Funny legal themed Gift Shop started for a month and i'm on instagram and facebook.. but no sale

Hi there,

I have a legal themed gift shop at It has started for close to a month now but there is still no sale. I'm targeting law students, lawyers etc and also people who are crime junkies. I have:

- Created FB page

- run FB ads

- created an instagram @amicuspuree this has helped to get likes on instagram via hashtags.. and i'm organically getting followers.. but no sale

- there is very little traffic going to my shop

- created an esty store so that there is another channel


Could you let me know what else I should do to drive traffic sale? I am thinking of adding a few blog posts too to drive traffic too. Just wondering if i'm too niched...


 Hey @AmicusPuree,


Here are some suggestions to get some free traffic from Google Search. SEO takes sometimes weeks or months to slowly pay off, but if you want this long term, will help you a lot.


Looks like you have your site indexed by Google, great! Now, if you're using Google Search Console, you will find in there keywords your page is being shown, try to add some content about those on your site, specially on the pages that are already ranking for those.


Also remove your duplicated text from product descriptions, for example the phrase "You've now found the staple t-shirt of your wardrobe" on your "This is my Frivolous law suit" product is already on lot of sites, since it seems like a default description for those t-shirts. This can make Google see your page as duplicated.


Make your titles more people friendly, for example "Chess Game Copper Cufflinks Men Shirt Jewellery Lawyer Gift Law Studen – Amicus Puree" is really hard to read, and has some spelling mistakes too. Also, seems like your Meta Description was cut-off, try to optimize it.


Hope those help :)

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Thanks so much @GrowSEO.. i'll give that a go and see if i see improvements. Great suggestions!

Glad I can be of help, good luck! :) 



Pablo Rosales

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