GA 3/4 Ecommerce Tracking invalid since 23 march

GA 3/4 Ecommerce Tracking invalid since 23 march

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With several (Shopify) web stores I'm facing problems with E-commerce tracking lately. It seems to appear around the date that the new GA4 integration is launched. Within several days my conv. % halved, not in reality but in Google Analytics. Nothing has been changed in the store since.


Anyone who has the same struggle? Or found a solution for it? 

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Same here, we have a client with the same problem since first week of march. Heard about several other cases too. All started on different dates from march to april though. Please reach out to support.
I did, but got told the problem is not known to them and there are no other reports of it. So they gave me the standard troubleshooting responses and blamed Google. Everyone with this problem should reach out to support, in hope they will give it some urgency.

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Hello @Ewoud_050,


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It's possible that the new GA4 integration could be causing issues with your e-commerce tracking. Some users have reported similar problems with conversion rates dropping after the integration was launched.

I would recommend to troubleshoot the issue and make sure that everything is configured correctly.

1. Check your Google Analytics settings
Make sure that your Google Analytics account is set up correctly and that you have enabled e-commerce tracking. You can check this by going to the Admin section of your Google Analytics account and looking under the "E-commerce Settings" tab.


2. Verify your tracking code
Make sure that your Google Analytics tracking code is installed correctly on your website. You can use the Google Tag Assistant browser extension to check for any errors.


3. Check your conversion tracking
Make sure that your conversion tracking is set up correctly. This includes making sure that your conversion goals are properly configured and that your tracking code is firing on the correct pages.

If you're still having trouble after checking these things, it may be worth reaching out to Shopify support or a Google Analytics team for further assistance.


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I’m having the same issue, perhaps not halve but we are missing conversion data in both GA4, and UA. The problem we are also finding it out ads account is also now not tracking conversions so our ROAS is looking worse which leads to higher marketing spend.

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Did you find a solution here? We've run into things like this post-transition, and the root causes can vary. Our agency may be able to help with this and any other issues you might be facing post the transition. I know reporting automation has been an issue for many with the transition.