GA - Everything is set up, but no revenues are showing

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Hello everybody,
How are you today ?

I have a weird problem, I found videos on the internet and followed step-by-step tutorials on how to set up Google Analytics on your Shopify Store, I even bought a course from Udemy for advanced tracking techniques so I'm really into it.


I installed GA via GTM with my only GA Property. I started about a month ago.
And I have access to everything I wanted except revenues (and of course Conversion rates).


I tried to search solutions on the internet and in here (and the only similar topic dated back to 2013 with people intereacting via DM and not showing the answers on the thread), nothing...


Yesterday I decided to create another GA Property with another UA (so that the original GA data going throught GTM is not impacted) and installed it in the settings of my online store.
I didn't set it up as well as the first one but then again, no revenues are showing (even though I sold a few items this morning).



I don't know what else to do.

If you have the answer, a lead, a glimpse of light at the end of the Conversion Funnel, or anything else that could help...
Thank you.

If you need any additional information, I'd be glad to give them to you, screenshots included if need be.

Take care

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You have Enhanced Ecommerce turned on in GA as well? I imagine you do but wanted to ask as I don't see that listed in your post.

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Yep, I do have Enhanced E-commerce activated on both properties, sorry for forgetting to list that as well.

Here's a screenshot : 
enhanced e-commerce.PNG


So something "weird" happened this morning.
Now the second property (the one installed via GA settings on Shopify that I installed a couple of days ago) has Revenues and Conversion Rates !


I guess this means there's a problem with GTM ?