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GA through GTM without breaking Ecommerce Tracking

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Hi there,
This is my first post in this community so I hope that I am following the guidelines. 
For one of our new customers who is active in France, I am busy making the website GDPR proof and of course we need a cookie consent.

To ensure that the cookie consent works properly, Google Analytics must run via Google Tag Manager. In this way we can set the settings so that certain cookies are only placed if specific permission has been given. To prevent double measuring of visitors, the Google Analytics code must be removed from Shopify (see screenshot below). The consequence of this is that Ecommerce Tracking no longer works . 


I am now looking for a solution so I can deploy Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager and still have Ecommerce working. 

I read that implementing Ecommerce through Google Tag Manager is no option (see screenshot below) is that true? gtm shopify.jpg
So I think my only option is to find an app that will deploy Ecommerce without Google Analytics. But I am guessing that most apps have both functionalities.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!


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came across this post recently that looks like it does the trick:

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