GA4 does not count shipping costs to revenues

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Hey dear community,


Have anyone solve the problem with ga4 to count shipping costs into revenues? If so please let me know how you did it. Thank you in advance



Manos M

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How is your GA4 set up? Do you have customer events, GTM, Google channel, 3rd party apps? Details matter.

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Hello @manosmstr07,

Greetings! I am Gina from the flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $6Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

In GA4, shipping costs are not automatically included in the revenue calculation. However, you can create a custom calculation that includes shipping costs to calculate total revenue.

1. In GA4, go to the 'Analysis Hub' and create a new 'Custom Analysis'.

2. Select 'Revenue' as your metric and choose the appropriate date range.

3. Next, click on 'Add dimension' and select 'Shipping Label'. This will add the shipping cost data to your analysis.

4. To calculate total revenue including shipping costs, click on the 'Calculated Metrics' tab and create a new calculated metric.

5. Name the new calculated metric as 'Total Revenue with Shipping' and use the formula 'Revenue + Shipping Label'.

6. Save the calculated metric and add it to your analysis.

7. Now you can view total revenue, including shipping costs, for your Shopify store in GA4.

Please note that this custom calculation will only work if your shipping costs are labeled correctly in your Shopify store and are being passed through to GA4 as a separate dimension. If your shipping costs are not labeled correctly, you may need to modify your Shopify store settings to ensure that the correct shipping labels are being passed through to GA4.


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Analysis Hub was renamed to Explorations and as far as I know no longer supports calculated metrics.