GA4 Google Analytics 4 and Shopify (Universal Analytics to be retired)

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I am getting emails from Google reminding me that Universal Analytics (UA) will be retired in 6 months and that everyone should switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as soon as possible.

This is because historic data will not be passed from UA to GA4 so unless we start collecting GA4 data now, in 6 months when UA is retired we will have no historical data.

Installing UA was easy in Shopify. You just had to go to 'Preferences' and add your UA analytics account number and the job was done. However I can find no directions at all... not even a mention of GA4 in the Shopify help files.. zilch!

I was looking at GA4 instructions inside Google Analytics and noticed that other partners have already added one click installation for GA4 (Wordpress/SquareSpace/Wix)  but no option for Spotify.

I found some installation videos linked on here but they are already out of date as the Analytics interface has changed. Its also clear that unless you have Shopify Plus then you cannot install the code on the checkout pages anyway.

Come on Shopify. At least let us know what is happening. What is the plan? Will you be giving us clear information on how to install GA4? And please.. let us know asap. Every week is a week of lost data going forwards.

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Yes, this is making me have serious doubts about the entire platform.    I just saw another "solved" question about this here:        And they recommend an app called ElevarTag Management Suite which starts at $50/ month.    Angry.   So angry.  

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I suspect Shopify plan on using the Customer Events (pixels) for their native setup. It's possible they could release code or a section where you enter your G ID to get setup for them. That said, the customer events are buggy. Shopify's own Facebook pixel to demo the feature doesn't even function on purchases

My tutorial is the most comprehensive guide out there on Google Analytics in Shopify: You can follow it to get setup on GA4 at no cost. Like you say, even though the checkout section is hidden by using GTM on a non-Plus store, most of what's in the guide will educate you how to use the platform, settings to review, and it'll set you up for an easy migration should something come up with Customer Events in the next few months.

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Thank you, Josh.   I really appreciate your reply. 

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Thank you! There are definitely a lot of outdated and confusing tutorials out there. I'm trying to get GA set up correctly from the beginning with my new store and your guide has been immensely helpful. 

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Hi This feed is very out of date but i am having issues with Shopify producing Orphaned checkout pages which are flagging with analytics - i cannot find anyone who can give me an idea as to why this is happening ... or how to fix .. any ideas?