GA4 installation on Shopify Stores with GTM

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Hi Shopify,


I have a few shopify clients who have Google Tag Manager installed and prior to any free GA4 integrations being available we simply configured GA4 through GTM.  We are now using Fuelled GA4 and noticed that we are seeing multiple events firing and inflated ecommerce numbers.  Using Chrome Tag Assistant I could see that both the global site tag and GTM were firing.  I subsequently disabled the GA4 pageview on GTM GA4 configuration tag, but it is still in GA4 showing duplicate events of none e-commerce related events that I have set up in Google Tag Manager? Has this been a common issue?  And what is your recommendation for a shopify store that wants, not only to track ecomm events but also other important actions on the website - like lead gen? 

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Hello @alliemcfadyen 


To troubleshoot the issue, I would recommend reviewing your GTM container and GA4 implementation to ensure that they are set up correctly and not conflicting with each other. Check that you have set up your e-commerce tracking correctly and that your tags are firing on the appropriate pages.


For tracking lead generation events, you can set up custom events in GTM and use them to trigger tags in GA4. You can also set up custom dimensions and metrics in GA4 to track additional data points that are important to your business.


It may be worth considering using a third-party app or service that specializes in analytics and tag management for Shopify stores, such as Littledata or Segment. These services can help streamline your tracking and provide more robust reporting capabilities.

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