GA4 Monetization Overview totals do not match Monetization Ecommerce Purchases totals

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I'm using the native Shopify GA4 integration.

My totals in GA4 > Monetization > Overview match what I see in Shopify > Analytics.


But it looks like the totals in GA4 > Monetization > Ecommerce Purchases aren't accounting for product discounts. So Analytics is using the full price for items on sale, versus using the actual reduced sale price in the totals calculation.


Anyone else having this issue? Thanks.

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Same issue for me. When I contact the Shopify support they said need to connect GA4 with Shopify but that one also not working 

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Hi! We have the same issue. Any solution there?

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I received the same response from Shopify support as Muaravind did. Waiting for a Google response to see it they have any insight here.