GA4 Pageviews / Events on Product Page not working

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Im working to setup tracking on a shopify shop, however I am having trouble with getting GA4 working as intended. It works on every page except on product pages, where It only rarely sends pageviews. 


Any help that can put som light on why this is happening is appreciated...


Its this shop:


If you debug the tracking you will see, that it will not send pageviews or any other events. Any ideas to why this is happening? 


I am thinking it must be something blocking the execution of the GA4 code on the product page, as it does work on some products rarely. 




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How are you doing GA4? Through this manual gtag implementation?

From there, you'll have to look at how your page view event fires.

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Yes it is right now setup via manual implementation - have also tried it trough GTM - however, the product page seems to be blocking ga4 pageviews somehow - and i cant figure out why. It works everywhere else and rarely on the product page. So I assume something must be blocking it from firing, but have no clue on how to debug it to find out why this is happening.