GA4 revenue not being converted from international currency

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We launched our new Shopify store recently and had so many problems with the Google/You Tube app that we decided to go down the GTM route. It took a while but we were finally able to track purchases (although some of them are missing, but that's a different subject). One thing we noticed is that if someone makes an order using a different currency than our default (GBP), GA4 records the amount in the non-GBP currency.


For example:

Both GA4 and Shopify are set with GBP as the default currency. Someone placed an order for 6 different products at Kč 133.53 each. The Czechia currency is showing on the Shopify order page but has then been converted to GBP.


However - in GA4 the revenue amount has come through as £13,365.68 for each product instead of £5.00 for each product which is the GBP price.


I'm not sure whether something in our Shopify Payments setup is incorrect, our datalayer code is pulling through the wrong value or a setting in GA4 is incorrect. 


This is the datalayer code for the product price in the items array:


'price': {{ line_item.final_price | money_without_currency | remove:',' }},


I'd really appreciate some help on this as it looks like we're making lots of money in GA4! Thanks

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1) Please check GTM tags If you add the currency symbol in the value parameter then that won't work.
2) If you add the currency parameter as "Currency", with capital C then it is not going to work. GTM and GA tracking codes are written in JavaScript, and JavaScript is case-sensitive, so "currency" is not the same as "Currency". Make sure the parameter you use is in lowercase.
3) Check Supported currencies and codes
4) Check data layer code for currency, and use{{ order. currency }} instead {{shop.currency }}.


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