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I am facing gateway problem in my website. I want to integrate Redsys(Payment Gateway) to my website but do not find anything. Can any one help with it. 
Here is my website: Sp5der

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Hi @sp5der 


To integrate Redsys as a payment gateway on your Shopify site, it looks like you might need to explore third-party solutions or custom integrations, as Shopify doesn't natively support Redsys in its list of default payment gateways.


One potential solution is checking out MONEI, which can enable you to use Redsys on Shopify. MONEI offers a platform that connects various payment gateways with Shopify stores, including Redsys. This service acts as a bridge by providing a compatible layer between Redsys and Shopify, allowing you to handle transactions with your preferred payment gateway.


Here’s the link for more information:


Have you had a chance to look into this option? It could potentially meet your requirements for integrating Redsys with your Shopify store.

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