General terms do not appear in my footer

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Hello every one, I would like my terms and conditions to appear at the bottom of every-page in the same line as :


© 2022, My brand, Commerce électronique propulsé par Shopify


Can you please let me know how to add a link to my terms and conditions page ? 


Many thanks for your help ! 🙂 

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Hi @NatachaGn!


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Hi @NatachaGn 
So basically what you mean is that you want to make the footer copyright a clickable link which when people click it will direct them to your site's terms and conditions page. 
Or you want to display your terms and conditions to appear in the same line with the footer copyright (© 2022, My brand, Commerce électronique propulsé par Shopify)
Basic terms and conditions can be long, therefore, is hard to be included in the footer, so I think what you mean is the first one (make footer copyright a clickable link).

Solution for the first one: If you're comfortable with making changes to your site's code
1. Inspect to find the class of the footer copyright on your Shopify store


Simply navigate to the bottom and right-click the copyright -> Inspect (remember to copy the class)


2. Go to the footer.liquid file (Go to Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit code (HTML/CSS). Open Layouts folder, then footer.liquid file).

3. CTRL + F then paste in the class you just copied from step 1 

4. Wrap your brand name with href tag <a href='url-to-terms-and-conditions' target='_blank'>Your Brand name</a>


- Remember to duplicate your theme before implementing these steps

- (Optional) you can choose to delete the powered by Shopify. Why? Removing “Powered by Shopify” helps keep your branding consistent and avoids confusing customers. After all, then you only want your brand name to stick to the customer's mind, not Shopify, right? 
Do it by deleting all the {{ powered_ by_ link }} text in your footer.liquid.
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