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Hi, this is AJ and I represent Gigsterz Technologies. I am sorry if this sounds as marketing but I am new to this community and my only purpose is to share my knowledge and help people whose stores are not getting enough traffic or conversions. Are you facing the same Issue? Is your store is yet deprived of targeted traffic or Conversions?


I give you an answer to this - Keep it simple. That's right. Ethically, what should be done to drive traffic to your e-commerce store and ultimately conversions? These are the main things you should do:


- SEO (Important and the products will gain visibility in around 2 months) > Improve Traffic & Conversions

- Social Media Marketing > Immediate Results > Improves Store visibility and Traffic but Conversion Rate is not high

- Paid Advertisements > Immediate Results > Improves Traffic & Conversions, both.


I would suggest to focus in all these 3 departments and within couple of months you will definitely see the results. Moreover, another very important things which matters in e-commerce stores is their look and feel which generates trust in your audience which ultimately impacts their buying behavior whether to go for a purchase or not. I would request you guys to post your queries or talk to me as consultation costs nothing and it might prove helpful for your store. Thanks.



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