Re: Getting online store sessions from a country I am not advertising in, please help

Getting online store sessions from a country I am not advertising in, please help

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Hi Guys, my online store is based in New Zealand and I aim to sell in New Zealand and Australian markets. I have set up only these two markets in the Shopify settings, facebook and google marketing ads. For some reason however about 50% of my store traffic is coming from the United States. This has only started happening in the last 3 weeks or so and it seems like the traffic source is listed as 'Direct' in the analytics section. It would appear that the 'Social' traffic is coming from my ads and they are coming from people in Australia and NZ as expected. 


This is quite disappointing as I cannot sell in this market so either there is a setting that is wrong somewhere or I need to start selling in that market to try to utilise the situation as best as possible. I cannot understand why this is the case. Can you please assist me with this? 



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Hello @Cornerstonelase,


Probably it can be bot clicks. Check in Google analytics whether those are bot clicks. Please refer this.


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Hope this was helpful and wish you the best with your store.


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