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Ok so I started the website back in Febuary and have spent every day working on it. I use SEO manager app to help me with that but still dont know if I am doing it correctly. I do youtube videos and use facebook business page, instagram etc. 

I cant pay for ADs due to vaping products being blocked for paid ads so I rely soleley on organic traffic to the website. I have personalised the website to make me as aproachable and authetnisc as possible (lots of cowboys and fraudsters in this industry)

I add new content to the website every day, and yet after all this time and effort I am still only getting about 20 visits perday and starting to get a little disilusioned.

So can anybody give me any ideas where I might be going wrong? Before I pack it in!! 

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Hi Peter. Getting traffic and conversion through an ecommerce website is probably the biggest challenge for website owners. It is too early to give up at the moment - you haven't tried everything yet right? Usually it would really take some time and investment to make a website properous.

Are you on Twitter? Unlike FB and Instagram, posting links in Twitter is easier. You can start looking for people who are in your location and interest like vaping using Followerwonk tool. Then you can outreach them that you are selling vaping products.

Have you tried email marketing? You can promote your website through email marketing. You just have to put a little effort when it comes to building email list.

If FB ads won't work, you can try FB Groups - in your local target. Start selling your goods there. Just be careful becuase there are groups which are strict about link posting.

You can also try joining vaping forums and Q and A sites which you can answer or cater inquiries regarding what you sell.

These are only few but I hope these will keep you going.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I post on twitter several times a day and have started to do guest blogs for people.

Yes I am on several FB groups however I find that on them the people using them in the UK tend to be just after the cheapest they can get and end up buying from China, mainly fakes but they dont care.

As far as email marketing is concerened, I sell some of the products on Ebay as well, idea being as people buy from there they get a personalised email from the website directing them there with a discount code for certain products. With little or no success yet.

I would be happy if I coulds just see a slight increase in traffic on a weekely basis, thats what is frustrating me. To get to the figures in terms of profit I need aprox 2500 viisitors per week, and there are 2.8million vapers in the UK

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This isn't to do with marketing but I think you should fix the pop up that comes up about age verification, in my eyes it's unprofessional and I would've just left your site. You can check you're GA for your sites bounce rate, if it's high this is probably why. 

I think once you fix that you'll be in a better position. If i.was you I'd focus on growing my insta, and then doing shout outs for shout outs for other vape pages or asking for a feature on another page. I know people that vape can be REALLY passionate about it so I'm sure people will go out of their way to share your site in a post. 🙂 Forums should be great aswell

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Unfortuunatley the age verification is a requirement of al;l vaping websites, it is required by the card payments merchant.

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Hi Peter,

You may want to check up on your SEO. SEO managers are great for quick results, but often, don't help your store 

We offer a free SEO audit if you'd like and would be keen to help you out.

Alternatively, if you want to learn more about SEO yourself, we'd recommend that you take a look at the MOZ beginner guides, which are pretty handy too.

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Thanks in reply I get a lot of offers from people who want to do/help with SEO problem is they all want money and the issue I have with that is its expensive but the results of there work might not affect the website rankings/traffic for several weeks. And if they are rubbish and it doesnt work I have forked out hundreds of pounds.

I looked at MOZ and just felt his videos are aimed at the corporate level and full of jargon and flow charts.

Whereas someone like me just needs someone to say these are the tasks that you need to do  every day, every week, every month etc

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Hi Peter,

I really feel like I can step in here and help you. 

I've just started a service aimed at website owner like your self that really wants to understand and execute on their websites SEO, but can't afford the monthly retainers that companies want. 

I sit offer this as a private 1 to 1 consulting/tutoring service, really dig deep into the nitty gritty areas and find out whats wrong and holding you back. 

You check out here 

There is a cost because my time does cost money, but I think this sort of service is more suited to what you are after. 

If not, I wish you best for the future. 



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Check, if you you the correct keywords

Check your competitors

Maybe, your site has tech issues (robots.txt)

Do you make backlinks?

(If no, you can contant me. I make backlinks on freelance)

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Hi @Peter_Nelson ,

I think my answer will help you. I found - where you can submit your products to promote for free. However, Breakthecuriosity only accepts products that they consider to be unique and interesting. This is how many stores use Breakthecuriosity to be able to bring in traffic and sales without money.

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One method we found to be inexpensive and worth a try is going to Fiverr and hiring someone (under $10) to go submit a discount code for your site to 30+ coupon sites. It's early for us so I can't tell you that it's worked, but it's one way to create backlinks on some high traffic sites like RetailMeNot. Additionally, a lot of these sites allow people to type in what they're looking for, and they'll suggest your site. 

My experience is you have to throw traffic at your site from every source you can imagine and then some. For us, Bing ads have actually been the most effective in conversion.

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Can you share your store link so that I can overview it?

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