Re: Gift card or discount code automation and delivery logic

Gift card or discount code automation and delivery logic

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I'm hoping to run a promotion through black friday where the first 100 purchasers get issued a gift card for a fixed amount of money, which can be used towards a specific collection. How would I go about automating the gift card creation and delivery after purchase? Specifically, how do I set the logic that determines when to start issuing the gift cards and when to stop (i.e. after 100 have been issued). If doing this with discount codes is easier that would work just fine. I use klayvio for email and attentive for sms if that makes a difference.

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Hi @eeberhart 


Yes, if you go for the discount codes then.


Yes, all the requirements mentioned above is possible with custom APP.


App will count the order no in background till it reaches the limit it will generate a discount coupon for your mentioned collection or rules you will provide and send those information to klayvio to send the mail.

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Here's a workflow that you can use to do this:


It works by keeping a count within our data store of the number of unique coupon codes that were created and limits them to 100.


Combine that with simply setting the start date to the price rule in Shopify to be Black Friday.

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This is a great idea. I was going to offer to build this into my gift card app but I think this works great. That said @eeberhart if you do want it built in another way I am here to help.