Give Me feeback to improve my site

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just now we have laucned our online portal  Please give me some  feedbacks to improve the site user experience and usability

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What have you done till the date to improve the user experience and usability?


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I checked your website and here are some tips on what you could change or improve:

First of all, from the homepage, it is not clearly visible what the name of your shop is, so If I were you I would add it to the main picture in the top and under that I would add some description of your shop and what the customers can find there. 

Connected to this, I also miss on your page a few things - I think you should add "About us" tab, where you will tell the main message, idea, and story behind starting your shop. make it personal, because customers are interested in this, even though you wouldn´t think so.

Another missing thing is shipping information, as well as refund and return policies and other conditions - adding this makes the shop more trustworthy and also, then the customers know under what condition they make the purchase.

I think this article could help you improve the website, there are some tips on how to do so.

And finally, once you get some traffic to your store, but you don't have that many sales, you might want to try our app ROI Hunter Easy. It generates personalized ads with products your visitors left in the cart or have browsed. Sometimes, the visitors make a purchase immediately but usually, they need more than one visit to make a decision and it's good to remind them of your store.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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Hey, Aravind!

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! While I can appreciate you wanting feedback on your website, I would have to let you know that this forums platform is intended for Shopify users and people who have built their websites using the Shopify platform. However, I would be happy to share some feedback for you regarding your website. 

The first thing I’ve noticed is that you have quite a few products - it would be helpful to narrow down your product list to focus on a set niche or genre of products. Doing this would bring more personality and focus to your brand. Because you do have quite a few products, in order to condense and simplify your product pages - I would recommend narrowing down the product descriptions so that customers can easily read and find the information they need without having to read through a lot of different information.

I’m loving your website template, it’s clean, simple and looks professional. However, your logo seems to be a little too small and isn’t legible when being viewed on a desktop device. I would increase the size of your logo and add your logo to other parts of your website to carry your brand’s theme throughout.

Lastly, you would want to look into using a contact form for your ‘Contact Us’ page. If you were using the Shopify platform, you could simply add in a contact form to your page by following along to our Shopify help guide, here or using one of the apps in our Shopify App Store. Using a contact form instead of typed email and phone will make your page look more formal, professional and user friendly. 

If you’re looking to make a switch over to the Shopify platform, then you could always get started by signing up for our 14 day free trial, here

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and we would be happy to help!

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Karlie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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